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Save water.
Save money.
Save your lawn.
If you're not using a well on your property then you've probably seen the water meter in your house or the basement.  They’re what municipalities use to track water usage and figure out what to charge you.  They don’t just charge for the water coming in though, they charge for the water going out and going back into water system to be cleaned, sanitized & turned back into potable water.  However, when we’re using water outside of our homes and businesses, it doesn’t go back into the system, it goes into our lawns, plants & pools.  With only the one standard water meter though, the city can’t track what the water was used for, so they just have to assume it all went back into the system & you get charged the sewer & waste-water fees on everything.  This can be up to half of your bill!  There's good news though, there is an easy solution to this problem
Maintenance Water Meters
We can install a secondary, or maintenance, water meter that attaches only to your outdoor water supply- mainly sprinklers & hose spigots.  This meter will track only the water that you use outside for watering plants, irrigating lawns, filling pools, washing cars, etc. and your city will not charge you sewer fees on it.  On average, half of the water we use during the spring & summer months is used outdoors, so that can add up.  A second water meter can also help you keep track of your budget & water savings by showing you just the water you use for "non-essential" purposes.  This is a win-win for you & the environment.

The Process
Having a second meter installed is an easy, two-step process.  First- call your city’s water department to purchase the new meter and secure any necessary permits.  A few cities still do not allow second meters, but most do.  Below a list of the cities we know allow them (we will install them in any city within our service area where they’re allowed!).  Check with your own city to be sure, though.  Then, after you have the meter, just call us to come out & install it.  Meters can be installed along with a new irrigation system, or separately, at any time during the year.  It’s as easy as that.

What cities, within our service area, allow them?*
Beverly Hills
Bloomfield Township
Chesterfield Township
Clinton Township
Farmington Hills
Harrison Township
New Baltimore

Rochester Hills
Shelby Township
Washington Township

 *This list is only meant for references purposes & is always changing.  For a definitive answer on your municipalities current codes, please reach out to them directly.

Landscape Lighting and Irrigation Services for the following areas:

Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Shores, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe City, Grosse Pointe Park, St. Clair Shores, Harper Woods, Harrison Township, Clinton Township, Macomb, Shelby Township, Mt. Clemens, Detroit, Eastpointe, Roseville, Warren, Fraser, Utica, Sterling Heights, Madison Heights, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Berkley, Clawson, Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Beverly Hills, Pleasant Ridge, Huntington Woods, Franklin, and Southfield. 

If you live outside of the indicated service area, please contact us, as we may expand our services into your neighborhood!

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