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Sprinkler systems are essential to the life and longevity of your landscape and gardening. We offer various services and solutions that are individual to your property's needs. The fact is that landscaping isn't cheap. That's why we provide you with the assurance that it's going to grow and flourish, maintaining the appearance that you invested in. Installing an irrigation system brings out the most vibrant colors of your plants and flowers. From large installations to minor repairs and maintenance, as well as turn-on and shut-off services, we're here to help. We even provide the technology to automatically shut off your system due to rainfall.
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Your landscape is an extension of your living space. But many times you are out running errands or at work not able to enjoy that part of your home. Landscape lighting is a great way to bring life to your outdoor space, even for the winter months because the sun sets much earlier. Other benefits are the brilliance that it adds to your landscape and your home's architecture, especially with new color changing abilities! In addition to looking good, it adds a layer of safety and security throughout the night. An industry leader in landscape lighting, we provide the latest technology like long lasting LED bulbs and blue-tooth lighting transformers allowing you to control the lights from your phone. You'd be proud to know the lighting fixtures, bulbs, and transformers we use are American made.



Excess water in your yard not only makes it unusable and unattractive, but it can be detrimental to your lawn and landscape. Lakeside Lighting & Irrigation installs customized Drainage systems to remove excess or standing water from your yard. From creating a breeding ground for unwanted insects like mosquitos to flooding your basement to soil or mulch erosion in flower beds and even drowning your plants, too much water in your yard can cause numerous problems. Call us for a free estimate on installing a drainage system at your property and get rid of standing water for good. 


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