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Landscape Lighting Designed By You!

Have you started contemplating some outdoor lighting for your property, but just can't decide on exactly what you want? We can help you with that!

VistaPro Lighting, has introduced a brand new lighting control system called Chroma Connect, that allows you to control the lighting on your property from the palm of your hand anywhere in the world, with your smart phone. This isn't just your standard lighting app that will set a standard dusk to dawn timer, it can change the entire mood of your lighting by the day, hour, or even your music! Take a look at everything it's capable of:

Change Colors

Especially where light is concerned, white is not JUST white, there are so many shades and tones. Go for a simple & clean look with all white lighting, but customize it to match your home, the weather or your mood, by changing the temperature of the color. Go anywhere from a warm amber toned white to a cool blue toned white, with a simple swipe. Or, if you want to kick it up a notch, you can change your lights to any of a full-spectrum of vibrant colors. When you choose your favorite color, you can then also change the intensity of that color to suit the exact mood you're looking for.

Create Groupings

Most lighting control apps will give you a "front yard group" & a "back yard group", but real life can be a little more complicated than that. Some weekends there's a full outdoor soiree that involves your entire property, some weekends it's a little more intimate with just a few people on the patio around the fire. You can link your lights together into custom groupings, so you only turn on & control the lights you actually need.

Configure Daily Schedules

Yes, Chroma Connect will do the basic job of setting the schedule you want all of your lights on, it can do so much more than that though! Avoid the jarring lights on-lights off effect with on/off gradients that allow you to ease into the morning or evening at exactly the pace you like. You can also create different schedules and automate them for different days or weeks. Customize them to fit however & whenever you utilize your outdoor space!

Go With the Flow

Of your music that is! Use the Music Color Changing Mode to automatically switch up the color of your lights, depending on the type of music flowing through your phone.

Set the Scene

Combine all of the above settings into whatever configurations you prefer for different

nights, different groups of friends or different seasons. Best of all, not only can you set these from your phone, but they can also be controlled by Amazon's Alexa or Google Home systems. "Alexa, set the lights to party scene!"

It goes without saying that the ambience of outdoor lighting can definitely set a mood. With the new Chroma Connect app though, you don't have to have one set lighting mood, you can change it up every night!

To find out more about installing a lighting system with VistaPro's Chroma Connect, contact us today. Patio season isn't that far away, so get your appointment on the schedule now so you're ready to enjoy every second of it!

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