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Lakeside Lighting & Irrigation specializes in custom designed irrigation systems. Installing lawn sprinklers promotes the health and growth of plants, bringing out the most vibrant colors of your landscape. If you don't have a sprinkler system yet, contact us today, transform your yard from dull and dry to full and fresh.



We are proud to be an industry leader in landscape lighting. We provide the latest developments in LED and Bluetooth technology, including color changing lights! Outdoor landscape lighting gives brilliance to the appearance of your home and landscaping. It also adds an element of safety and an extra layer of security throughout the night.


Have you had unwanted flooding in your backyard? Installing a drainage system is the perfect way to get rid of excess water. Too much water can take your yard away, lead to dead plants and unwanted insects, and worst case scenario...it can flood your basement and cause damage to your home. If you need drain tile installed, please, call Lakeside today!


It’s that time of the year again, time to winterize your sprinklers! Lakeside Lighting & Irrigation is here to prevent damage to your sprinkler system. Blowing out your sprinkler system will make sure that you are protected against the harsh Michigan winter conditions and keep your lawn green for many years to come. Save money and call Lakeside today!


Here at Lakeside Lighting & Irrigation, we believe in providing extra value and brilliance to your landscape. Since 1998, our team of specialists have been installing and maintaining both residential and commercial properties throughout the Metro Detroit area. The fact is that plants need water to survive. By installing a new sprinkler system we will boost your landscape by giving it life. Furthermore, our outdoor lighting systems brighten your home and landscaping, extending that life throughout the night. Landscape lighting and irrigation systems will enhance and highlight the best features and most vibrant colors of your landscape all while adding an extra layer of security through the night. Please contact one of our lighting and irrigation specialists today to create a tailored design that is sure to bring out the most vitality in your property!


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